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    At West Coast Training, We’re Focused on Your Future Success

    by | Oct 23, 2018 | Blog, Heavy Equipment School | 0 comments

    Construction Loader on a Work Site - West Coast Driving School

    You’ve decided to attend a program that will help you start a new career in construction work or truck driving, but with so many training programs and schools out there, choosing your future direction can be tough.

    All of the program you’re looking into can give you the paper credentials you need to begin your new job, but which one will provide you with the practical skills you really need to successfully kick-start your new career?

    If you’re considering a west coast driving school or construction program, West Coast Training could be the perfect choice for you. We want you to succeed and have a fulfilling career after graduating from our program. Our training programs are hands-on and are designed with your future success in mind.

    Courses and Instructors Focus on Your Success

    West Coast Training is run and owned by construction professionals who love the industry and know it well. Instructors have been in their careers for years and know how to help you succeed. Courses are taught in a practical, focused way that helps prepare students for the roles they’ll be expected to perform.

    Unlike other schools, we have enough equipment that you won’t waste time waiting around to take turns on machines. You’ll get ample hands-on practice so that every second of your time training is useful. This means you’ll be prepared and experienced before your first day of work.

    There is indoor classroom work as well, but more than half of your time will be spent in the field with real equipment or trucks. Motivated students will become well-trained by the end of their course and will be prepared to enter into their chosen field.

    Plus, once you successfully complete your training at West Coast Training, you will be ready to pass the necessary certifications such as the NCCCO certification for crane operation or the Class A Commercial Driver’s License. These credentials are nationally recognized allowing you to start your career anywhere in the country.

    We Help Employers Find You

    Schooling gives you the proper training, as well as provides you with useful connections that can help you find jobs.

    Your classes are going to give you hands-on training to help you learn the skills you will be using on a daily basis. There are lots of schools to choose from, but going to a top west coast driving school looks great on your resume. Companies looking for new employees know which schools provide the best training. Some employers even go straight to schools when looking to hire new graduates.

    It is valuable to attend a school that is known for quality training. Employers who have hired our graduates know that West Coast Training attracts motivated people who come out of their training as safe, knowledgeable workers.

    Another benefit of going to a good school is having access to staff who are familiar with job search resources. With so many job search tools out there it can be hard to know where to start. Working with someone who has helped many students find jobs before can be very beneficial to you. Staff members want to see you succeed and can recommend useful websites or job boards to start your search.

    Career Services Are Included

    Not only should a school give its students a top-quality education, but it should also offer useful resources they can use when looking for a job and West Coast Training has a staff that is specifically trained to help you get ready for this search.

    Your resume is a reflection of all of your hard work and it should look as good as possible when you send it off to a potential employer. Our staff will help you create or improve upon your resume to showcase all of your achievements and credentials.

    It is also important to make a good first impression when you interview for a job. Not your strong suit? No problem. West Coast Training staff can practice interviewing skills with you, helping you through the questions that employers are likely to ask.

    By practicing in a safe school environment and getting feedback along the way, you will have an easier time when you’re interviewing for an actual job.

    It can also be helpful to talk to our staff about your future career goals. Construction is a growing field right now with construction equipment operator employment expected to grow by 12% between 2016 and 2026. There are a lot of opportunities out there and more on the way!

    But maybe you don’t know what direction you want to go just yet. By talking with someone and coming up with a plan you’ll come out of school with a clear idea of what your future might hold.

    Added Benefits at West Coast Training

    Deciding to start a new career path is a big step and we’re here to assist you in whatever way you need to help make attending school a smooth transition.

    Many of our students come from out of town, so it’s no problem if you don’t currently live near West Coast Training. We offer a number of housing options, including several that are complementary to enrolled students. We can also help coordinate housing if you would prefer a single residency option or if you’re bringing family members along. Whatever your needs and preferences, we are will work with you to find the best solution.

    You can also use financial aid to help pay for your schooling, and West Coast Training has a list of resources to help you. Your Admissions Advisor will be a great resource if you’re concerned about paying for your education.

    Construction and truck driving are not career paths for everyone and we understand that. Before enrolling, your Admissions Advisor will also work with you to discuss your interests and future career goals. We want to make sure you’re a good fit for the industry and that this would be work that you will enjoy. We want you to be as informed as possible before starting our training program and will ensure you’re on a track that is beneficial for your future.

    If you’re interested in attending a west coast driving school and starting your new career in construction equipment operation or truck driving, contact our Admissions Advisors today to get started.