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Heavy Equipment Training Testimonials

James D. | Washington

"I attended two months if heavy equipment traing and one month of CDL. Had a great time learning. Very educated instructors. Met alot of new friends. Right out of CDL I started driving dump truck for a custom home builder and everyday I'm either driving or operating a dozer or excavator. I can not say enough for the education I received in heavy and (CDL) driving."

Edward B. | Nevada

"School paid off greatly! I went to work the day I got home, operating heavy equipment. I enjoyed everything about the program and learned lots that will boost my confidence in the industry."

Robert H. | Oregon

"The Class A-CDL license is what got me the job operating heavy equipment. Get experience wherever the opportunity presents itself ... all of it will be beneficial for your long term employment ..."

Bill C. | Montana

"I get PAID to do work I enjoy ... it's AMAZING!"

Steven M. | Oregon

"I AM working in heavy equipment operation because of the CDL A training."

Joel M. | Washington

"I went into West Coast Training with very little knowledge of heavy equipment or trucks. After finishing the training, it only took me two weeks to find a job thanks to the staff. I am working for a major excavation contractor driving water trucks, dozers, loaders and track hoes. West Coast Training was a key player in helping me prepare for this industry and for my future success working in it. "

Christopher O. | Massachusetts

"I had a great time taking your crane operator's course. It seems to be the most comprehensive program in the country. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone interested in the crane industry. "

Galen D. | Alaska

"There will be lots of opportunities after you finish training ... once you are operating equipment, you will be thankful to West Coast Training for what they taught you ... but nobody can do it for you ... getting to work is up to your will and drive ... the jobs are out there ... and the skills you learn will help you keep working ... "

Charles T. | Georgia

"The crane training I received was great! My instructor is a highly qualified crane operator and shared his experience and knowledge of the field. Almost immediately out of school, I was hired as a crane operator with a very large construction company involved in building dams. Thank You."

Danny L. | Washington

"I had the best educational experience possible ... fantastic and knowledgeable instructors that always took the time to provide individual help. The key to landing the job that I got was the Class-A CDL ... after 4 weeks on the job, my employer had to lay off some of his crew, but he kept me because of my NCCER heavy equipment training and the CDL A license I have."

Harry C. | Washington

"My experience with West Coast Training has been a great one. I enjoyed every moment of it. I've gotten a job with the railroad because I have a CDL A. Thanks to the good job you all had done!"

Philip H. | Oregon

"WCT is very lucky to have a Crane instructor of [his] caliber ... he made it easy to absorb the information, which there was a ton of ... he would take extra time with me and gave me some intensive one on one which shot my confidence through the roof."

Mike H. | Washington

"The course was great benefit to me, disciplined, detail oriented, very educational, and a good confidence builder. The 40-hour Hazmat course was a surprise. I applied at a job which required it, and I was the only one out of forty applicants that had it and I was hired in just two days."

Patrick B. | Oregon

"I am quite excited ... I’ve been officially hired as an excavator operator, working overseas. My hourly pay rate is $74.00 after I complete [their] training. I’m still in a state of shock because of the opportunity I have been given. I cannot wait to begin working ... Thank you!"

Henry G. | California

"I was hired as an operator in an "Open Pit" mine ... everything seems to be in giant proportions. I want to thank the equipment instructors from WCT. I am very confident and safety oriented when it comes to the machines. The trainers here in my company noticed too! When compared to the other new hires - "I'm Bad-Ass" and modest too, ha ha. A special thanks to Employment Services."

Darryl B. | Florida

"My experience at West Coast Training was positive. I’ve never second-guessed my decision to attend your school .. and would like to personally thank my instructor."

Kevin H. | California

"West Coast Training really helped me gain experience in operating equipment ... the teachers are awesome ... and helped me out any time I needed it. I am more than satisfied with the training."

Dan L. | Arizona

"I graduated two weeks ago ... and already got a job. I am working as an operator ... backhoe/track hoe/dozer/front end loader and sometimes even grader operator for the light rail that is being constructed in downtown Phoenix."

Bryan L. | Wisconsin

"The experience I got at school was great. It gave me the confidence to do anything I put my mind to. I got hired at the first place I applied to ... and [they] were very happy to see the experience I got at West Coast Training."

Kenneth S. | Oregon

"Great School ... easy to understand and I loved the hands-on training. The instructors were always there and I enjoyed every day."

Matt N. | Utah

"I'm writing to thank you for the great job you folks did in preparing my son for employment as a heavy equipment operator, and to report on his job search. About a month after graduation, he was invited by friends to move to the Salt Lake City area, to live with them and pursue work with the many construction, mining, and quarrying firms nearby. He landed a job with a company that makes large rock retaining walls, waterfalls, and custom landscaping with boulders. He uses an excavator to load the truck with rocks of all sizes and transports them to the worksite. The training Matt received made him confident enough to go out on cold calls, introducing himself as a capable operator. He told us many times how impressed employers were with his credentials. He now has a dream job, running the "big machines" he has loved since he was 4 years old. 

Matt spoke often of how much he appreciated the West coast Training staff, of the relaxed but thorough training atmosphere, and especially of the extent and practicality of the knowledge he gained from your school. We are deeply grateful he had the chance to train with you, and wish you much continued success in helping others to reach their goals."

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“I had looked into several other schools before making my decision to go to West Coast Training. I’m fifty-one and going back to school has been a big deal. I had to make it count. They made sure I had a clear idea about what I was getting into and that it was right for me.”
Martin Templeton