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At West Coast Training, we have a strong desire to make our heavy equipment certification programs available to anybody who is a good fit for a new career in heavy construction, mining, recycling, transportation, or industrial material handling. Our graduates have access to high-paying jobs across the country, and we don’t want any difficulties with the application process or finances holding people back. That’s why we offer a full range of assistance for interested parties from initial contact to final certification and employment.
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Our admissions department is dedicated to helping prospective students find the best path to achieve their goals. Regardless of whether or not an individual has attended any form of schooling recently, we want to make every possible resource available.

The first step is to call or e-mail us and describe what you hope to achieve. An Admissions Advisor will be in contact with you, and we will help you figure out the best path forward to reach your goals. We have found that individual students benefit from choosing courses they are interested in, then developing a career training program consisting of only those courses that fit their needs.

After discussing your interests and goals, it may become apparent that the industries we train people to enter are not a good fit for you. That is not a problem for us, we are committed to helping you make an informed career training decision, we don’t want anyone to train here that isn’t going to benefit from the training, or won’t represent our school well when they go to work.

To see if this is for you, and to get started building the career training program that is right for you, please contact an Admissions Advisor.


There are many programs available for financial assistance.

  • Veterans Benefits – Qualifying veterans may apply their VA benefits toward the cost of training. Apply for your benefits through Post 9/11, GI Bill ®, and VA Vocational Rehabilitation funds by using
  • Department of Vocational Rehabilitation Funds (DVR) – Check with the Dept. of Human Services in your area for disability benefits.
  • Workforce Investment Opportunity Act Funds (WIOA) – For information about vocational retraining, contact your local unemployment office.
  • Tribal Funds (BIA) – Native Americans can check with your local tribal office for benefits.
  • Alaska Supplemental Education Loan (ASEL) – Residents of Alaska can call (800) 441-2962 or visit
  • Trade Act Funds (TAA) – If you have been laid off because your job has been outsources to a foreign country, visit
  • Worker’s Comp Funds (L & I) – Injured workers can inquire about funding at your local office for the Dept. of Labor & Industry.
  • Student Tuition Loans – Visit Climb Credit to learn more about how you may finance your tuition with a student loan.
Graduates Heavy Equipment Training School


All of our heavy equipment training courses combine comprehensive classroom and field instruction to ensure that graduates are fully prepared for the workforce. Students graduate with nationally recognized credentials that allow them to work anywhere in the U.S. and many places abroad. After coursework is completed, we are able to offer assistance with your job search. We’ll help grads prepare a resume, develop interview skills, and help guide job seekers toward a job that fits their ambitions.

If you’d like to learn more about your options, get in contact with us today!!