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    Crane Operator Training


    (1-3 DAYS)

    The newly revised OSHA 1926.1400 regulations requires crane operators working in construction to be certified through a nationally accredited agency. WCT offers a 3-day prep course for mobile crane operators to prepare for the NCCCO nationally accredited exams. This is especially recommended for operators seeking their 5 year recertification.

    The following certification categories are offered:





    This is a classroom only session which includes mock-up NCCCO test questions, and load charts for the specific type(s) of cranes you need.


    Our Mobile Crane Operator Training course is 4 weeks in duration. This course also serves as the first half of our 8-week NCCCO Crane Operator/Rigger Course. If you are interested in certification in more than mobile cranes, please check into our 8-week NCCCO Crane Operator/Rigger course.


    The objective of this program is to train entry-level Mobile Crane Operators. Students train to become competent operators of large hydraulic, small hydraulic, and lattice boom truck and crawler mounted mobile cranes. Successful graduates will earn 6 NCCCO Mobile Crane Operator Certifications. NCCCO Exams include five (5) Written & three (3) Practical Certification tests. Passing these exams results in the following 6 NCCCO Certifications:(TSS) Fixed Cab Hydraulic Crane, (TLL) Swing Cab Hydraulic Crane, (LBT) Lattice Boom Truck Crane, (LBC) Lattice Boom Crawler Crane, (BTF) Boom Truck Fixed Cab Crane, and (STC) Service Truck Crane. The NCCCO practical examinations take place on the last two days of the course and written exams the day after course completion. Graduates of this 160-hour course will not receive NCCCO rigging and signaling certification, although these topics are integral to the training of mobile crane operators and will be covered to a large degree in the course.

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    Students will receive supervised, hands-on training in the operation of multiple mobile cranes including rigging loads with hook block and overhaul ball. Students spend approximately 50% of their training time in the field performing mobile crane operation by practicing smooth operating techniques, designed lifts, rigging, and signaling. Students will follow all safety procedures, including equipment inspections. Classroom time is inclusive of learning ASME Standards and OSHA regulations for mobile cranes, proper setup of cranes, wire rope reeving, crane safety, load charts, and proper operating methods. There are required reading and homework assignments daily. In the training field, students perform all projects under the supervision of a certified instructor who advises and guides them. The training atmosphere mimics the conditions that exist in the workplace. While the preferred course outcome is for graduates to gain all certifications, the student may choose to seek certification in one or more particular crane type of interest. However, to successfully graduate, students must gain NCCCO certification in at least 1 of the mobile cranes trained on.


    NCCCO certification is essential for successful employment as a crane operator. West Coast Training holds the distinction of being an approved NCCCO testing facility. The course, therefore, is tailored to give trainees the knowledge, skills, and experiences necessary to excel during the examination process. In the last week of this course, students will complete the NCCCO exams, using the same equipment they were trained on for the practical portion of testing. No fees are charged for the first written and practical NCCCO examinations. However, students are required to pay a re-testing fee in order to retake any examinations they should fail.


    Students should also be aware that mobile crane operators generally need to be able to move their equipment between job sites. Therefore, we recommend pairing this course with a CDL-A course. Although not required, holding a CDL will be of great benefit when seeking employment after graduation.

    West Coast Training has been providing students from around the country with thorough and comprehensive construction training since 1959. We are committed to providing all participants with professional training from certified, experienced instructors. If you’re interested in becoming a student, feel free to contact us today!