What Will I Learn at a Heavy Equipment Training School Near Me?

by | May 14, 2023 | Blog, Heavy Equipment School | 0 comments

If you have decided to move forward with becoming a heavy equipment operator, you can’t do better than West Coast Training’s professional heavy equipment training school. You may have further questions about what you will experience as a student in our classrooms and on our training jobsite, or you may only be at the stage where you’re wondering which schools are in your area, looking up “heavy equipment training schools near me.”

Whether you’ve decided or are still researching, here are three things you can expect to learn in the courses at a heavy equipment training school such as West Coast Training:

1. Different Heavy Equipment Skill Sets

There are several different training programs that we offer to new students, and it comes down to what kind of equipment you want to work with. Each of these classes runs from four to eight weeks, and additional classes can be combined into training programs to ensure you have the right skills for when you emerge onto the job market.

Some individual courses include Heavy Equipment Operator training, which is fairly well-rounded. You’ll learn how to safely operate a multitude of heavy equipment machines, including backhoes, excavators, dozers, and other kinds of heavy earthmoving vehicles.

If you are more interested in becoming a crane operator and rigger, the eight-week Crane Operator and Rigger class might be more your style. There are many different kinds of cranes, but this is still a fairly wide course because, on top of learning about how to use all the different kinds of cranes, you will also learn how to rig loads, signal, and complete more advanced lifting techniques.

2. Hands-On Learning

After some time in the classroom, you’ll have hands-on training at our training site, which has been created specifically for this purpose. Hands-on learning gives incredible benefits that traditional education may not have, especially in an industry where safety is such an important aspect. Being able to get comfortable with these large machines and vehicles in a safe space with your instructor beside you will provide a more personalized education and one that will stick with you.

Think of it this way: how did you learn how to ride a bike? You didn’t sit in a classroom and learn about how to pedal. With hands-on training, you will be able to easily transition to the worksite, since you will have all the skills and training you need as far as running the machines but also in safety and flagging. Starting a new job is already hard enough, it’s better that you join a company with a complete set of skills.

3. Refresher Courses

If you decide down the line that you want to add other skills or machines to your resume, you can always come back and take additional classes. Or maybe after a few years on the job, you want to come back and refresh yourself and recertify on specific equipment. We offer that too!

It doesn’t matter which pieces of machinery you are interested in learning about. We have it all here at West Coast Training. Students will be prepared for a competitive job market. Sign up today!