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How a Backhoe Training Course Will Set You Up for a Successful Career

by | Dec 11, 2018 | backhoe training, Blog | 0 comments

Operator Using Backhoe to Move Dirt On Site - Backhoe Training Course

There’s a lot of value in taking a backhoe training course. But maybe you didn’t like some of your previous schooling experiences because you felt that what you learned didn’t apply to real life. Or maybe you’re worried that going through yet another program will not be helpful or relevant to your goals.

West Coast Training is different. Whether you’re taking a backhoe training course or learning about worksite preparation, our programs are designed to be as hands-on and practical as possible. We feel this will give you the best start you need for a successful future career.

You’ve got goals and dreams, and our courses are designed to match those with your reality.

Backhoe Operation as a Career

A backhoe operator plays an important role on a construction site, and in roadwork and sewer line projects.

A backhoe does a lot of the loading and excavation work required to clear a site. It is used to move large amounts of material, such as dirt and gravel. It can also be used to more precisely dig holes if the construction project requires something like a pipe to be placed in a certain spot.

Even if you choose to specialize in operating backhoes, you might also have to operate other machinery. For this reason, at West Coast Training our courses are comprehensive. Not only will you learn to operate a backhoe, but you’ll also be trained on dozers, graders, excavators and more during our 8-week professional heavy equipment operator training course.

By training on multiple types of heavy machinery, you’ll be well prepared for whatever your future career entails.

This is important because backhoe work is often seasonally based. Since it’s harder to work with frozen earth, most work with backhoes takes place in the warmer months. Of course, if you live and work in a place that’s warm the whole year, backhoe work may be available year-round. Either way, we want you to be set for success and know the importance of learning how to use more than just one machine.

What You’ll Learn

Our professional heavy equipment operator training course will give you hands-on experience with a backhoe. We take pride in having a low student-to-instructor ratio, as well as having plenty of heavy machinery on site. This means you’ll have as much time as possible in the field actually using the equipment and perfecting the skills you’ll need to be successful in your future career.

Along with time on our backhoe, our heavy equipment operator training course will also give you exposure to all of our equipment. You’ll also learn how a busy job site operates and how to work safely and efficiently.

West Coast Training’s classroom instruction also gives you the basic math, engineering, and surveying skills you’ll need on the job. Being able to reason and think through problems is a valuable skill that you’ll use every day in your career.

Operating a backhoe requires a lot of thought. You need to consider how much dirt needs to be removed from a spot and where to move it. Or you might have to think about how dirt will expand based on its moisture content.

More precise digging jobs, of course, require even more consideration. Sometimes, there are other things for the operator to consider, such as pipes and cables under the ground that need to be avoided to prevent damage.

Operators need to be able to control their machinery precisely and safely, while also getting projects done in a timely manner. They also need to maintain the machines so that equipment on the site can continue working properly.

Our courses, both in the classroom and on the field, are designed to give students all these skills and let them practice, so by the time you’re on the first day of your job, you’ll be able to make decisions and operate a backhoe efficiently.

How a Training Course Can Help

One of the best ways to get ready for your future as a heavy equipment operator is by enrolling in a quality training program.

If you’ve never operated a backhoe before, it might seem intimidating that soon you’ll be operating this heavy machinery as part of your daily career. But through our training courses, you’ll graduate not only with the knowledge you need to succeed, but also with the necessary experience and preparation to receive needed certifications and proper job placement.

You’ll be working with instructors who have spent years in the construction field and know what they’re talking about. They want to help you succeed and they can answer any questions you have, whether it’s about the machinery you’re using or about the construction work career field. They’ve been in your shoes before and they want to help you reach your future goals.

Our heavy equipment operator training course is held over an 8-week period for 50 hours per week. This gives you a total of 400 hours of training before you start your career. Having so much time to learn, practice, and ask questions is extremely valuable.

Successful completion of classes at West Coast training will end with you earning NCCER certification, which is a credential that allows you to work anywhere in the country.

Taking classes at a training school with a good reputation, such as West Coast Training, is a great investment. We also provide connections to employers and resources to help you polish your resume and nail your interview. All of this helps simplify your job-finding process.

Future Success as a Backhoe Operator

Heavy equipment operation and construction work are growing fields and unemployment is low. This positive growth means that you’ll have a great chance to find work within your chosen field of construction.

And with the knowledge of a backhoe training course, your other courses, and certification from a professional, well-known school behind you, you’ll be well on your way to starting your future successful career as a backhoe operator.