3 Common Uses for a Mobile Crane

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3 Common Uses for a Mobile Crane
Mobile cranes are used for moving large and heavy materials. These versatile cranes easily adapt to various work sites and lift a wide range of loads. They can be used with little or no assembly to hoist, transport, and place equipment and are commonly used for construction, wind power, and HVAC projects.

Are you considering a career as a mobile crane operator? Maybe you’re curious about what a mobile crane might be used for. Here are three common uses for mobile cranes:

1. Construction

Construction jobs need to be completed efficiently, quickly, and safely. On most jobsites, you’ll find mobile cranes are used for transporting equipment and materials as well as hoisting heavy components.

2. Wind Energy Installation

Wind energy installations are often in remote areas with rough terrain. The turbines are large, hard to assemble, and heavy. Using mobile cranes, however, the heavy turbines can be hoisted into place. The stability of mobile cranes means they can work effectively even in the rockiest environments.


HVAC projects are complex and require extensive collaboration. Mobile cranes are an integral part of transporting and hoisting heavy HVAC units. Mobile cranes can unload and lift rooftop units with maximum efficiency.

Get Familiar With Mobile Cranes

As a heavy machinery operator, it’s important to get comprehensive training on the equipment you’re operating. If you are well-trained, you’ll understand the latest technology and feel confident in using all the features of a mobile crane. You’ll understand the controls, know the most common challenges, and be able to handle all sorts of scenarios.

Expand Your Employability

Mobile crane operators make on average $55,731 per year, with little variation in the salary range across the United States.

If you’re looking for economic advancement, consider expanding your expertise and training to qualify for related roles such as tower or crawler crane operator. According to Zip Recruiter, the annual salary for a tower crane operator is $83,971.

While you may already be proficient with operating a mobile crane, having recent practice and training boosts your confidence—and your employability.

Learn Mobile Crane Safe Operating Techniques

In crane operator training, you’ll learn specific standards and regulations for mobile cranes. This includes proper setup, crane safety, smooth operating techniques, tandem lifts, blind lifts, tower erection, boom assembly, rigging, and signaling.

As an operator, you’ll be responsible for the safe use of the crane. This includes:

  • Ensuring a safe working load
  • Following directions from a signaler
  • Raising the load as instructed
  • Following safe refueling procedures
  • Inspecting all components for safe operations

Crane operator training is highly recommended to prepare for success in the NCCCO exams. If you are new to mobile crane operating or seeking your five-year recertification, a training course is especially useful.

Reach out to West Coast Training today. With us, you can learn maintenance and operation procedures for mobile cranes and get qualified for work on construction projects, wind energy installations, and HVAC projects.

We are happy to answer your questions, explore career options, and help you move forward to a very rewarding career.