What Employment Services Does West Coast Training Offer?

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At West Coast Training, we offer a hands-on education through four- and eight-week courses, to train students to operate heavy equipment and cranes and to be riggers. However, we know this is only the first step for our students. That’s why we don’t just provide you with the training and certification. We’re also here to help guide you even after you graduate. The employment services West Coast Training provides, in addition to the extensive training, will help you land that job you’re striving for. Here is a look at some of the employment services we offer to all of our graduates.

A Personalized Plan

Every student is different and has a different plan for their future. This means they might focus on different industries and positions in their job search. That’s why our knowledgeable staff works with each student one-on-one to develop a personalized plan for them. This helps students hone in on their own skills and better utilize them during their job hunt.

A Resume

In addition to a personalized plan, upon graduation, every graduate receives an updated professional resume. This resume will be ready to send to potential employers. Plus, as we have developed it with you and based on your personal plan, not only will you know it’s accurate, but you can also be sure it’s specific to you and highlights your skills.

Employer Search

We don’t expect our graduates to find all potential employers on their own—we provide support with this too. Each week, our team searches for job openings, both local and national ones, through newspapers and websites, to help our graduates.

We also have an entire page on our website dedicated to employers who are looking to hire operators. There’s an easy way for those hiring to contact us and ask for a job order form. Then we can help them with their opening by placing one of our graduates there.

Better Job Opportunities

Since our course training is both in the classroom and hands-on out in the field, our graduates have all the experience they need when they graduate. This means that our graduates qualify for better and higher-paying jobs compared to someone who may come from a different background of training. Plus, an operator who has training on multiple types of equipment does tend to have the best chance of getting an available job. This is why we offer a wide range of training here at West Coast Training, to make sure our students have the best option for success in the future.

We take the career success of our graduates very seriously, and that’s why we’re here to fully support our students, even after they complete their training. West Coast Training employment services are here to help guide and support our graduates, helping them land the best jobs they can get. If you’re looking for an excellent training course at a place that will stick by you through the job search, give us a call today.