Will I Learn Basic Crane Info in Mobile Crane Operator Training Course?

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Will I Learn Basic Crane Info in Mobile Crane Operator Training Course?

What will you really learn in a mobile crane operator training course? Is it even worth it? Will you learn the basic crane information? The short answer—yes!

At West Coast Training, we want to make sure our students are fully prepared for work upon graduation. Because of this, we offer a Mobile Crane Operator Training course that is four weeks long. Completion of this course will result in receiving a certification in mobile cranes. And if you want to be certified in more than just mobile cranes, there is an eight-week NCCCO Crane Operator/Rigger Training course. The best part is that the four-week mobile crane training serves as the first four weeks of that eight-week course.

With our Mobile Crane Operator Training course, we want to train entry-level mobile crane operators. Read on to learn more about what you will learn during our four-week course.

Hands-On Training of Multiple Mobile Cranes

Our students receive supervised, hands-on guidance as they learn how to operate both large hydraulic and small hydraulic mobile cranes, as well as lattice boom truck and crawler mounted mobile cranes. Half of our students’ time is spent in the field actually operating mobile cranes, with tasks such as designed lifts, rigging, operating techniques, and signaling. Our students perform these tasks under the supervision of a certified instructor, who will guide and advise them. The environment they work in mimics conditions that they will experience in the actual workplace.

In-Class Education and Studying

The other 50 percent of our students’ time is spent in the classroom learning all ASME Standards and OSHA regulations. Here, they learn basic crane information such as the proper setup of cranes, crane safety, load charts, wire rope reeving, and proper operating methods. Students go home daily with assigned reading and homework to better prepare them.

NCCCO Testing

To become a certified crane operator, you need to complete NCCCO testing. That’s why our Mobile Crane Operator Training course is tailored to provide our students with the skills, knowledge, experience, and basic information needed to do well on these exams. During the last week of the course, students complete the NCCCO exams on the same equipment they have been training on for the past three weeks.

These exams include five written and three practical certification tests. Upon passing these exams, you will have six NCCCO Certifications:

  1. Fixed Cab Hydraulic Crane (TSS)
  2. Swing Cab Hydraulic Crane (TLL)
  3. Lattice Boom Truck Crane (LBT)
  4. Lattice Boom Crawler Crane (LBC)
  5. Boom Truck Fixed Cab Crane (BTF)
  6. Service Truck Crane (STC).

With half of the course in the field and hands-on and the other half in a classroom setting, our students get well-rounded training and experience. When it comes to mobile crane operation, knowing the basic crane information, from safety measurements to proper crane setup, is the core of learning and will be taught both inside the classroom and in the field. If you are interested in our Mobile Crane Operator Training course, please contact us today.