Why Should I Attend Crane School to Learn How to Operate a Crane?

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Have you ever looked at workers on a construction site and wished you could break into the industry? Crane operators and other heavy machinery operators are skilled individuals, but they didn’t get good at operating such machinery overnight. Many of the best crane operators around the world got their start at a crane school, and you can too.

Though learning how to operate a crane can be done through long-term apprenticeship, attending a crane school is the faster and more educational option. Learning how to operate a crane is best done at a reputable crane school, where expert staff can teach you how to work both safely and efficiently. Schools like West Coast Training have been in the business of teaching students how to operate machinery for years, and we pride ourselves on our ability to help you find employment after graduation.

Attending crane school could be a decision that jumpstarts you into an entirely new career and at almost any age. Still on the fence about if you should take the next step? Here are a few reasons why attending a crane school is the best way to learn.

You Can Complete Training in Just a Few Months

Crane school isn’t like going to college to be a crane operator. You don’t have to wait two or four years to complete your training and become certified. One of the biggest assets of attending crane school is that it can be completed quickly. At West Coast Training, we have a mobile crane operator training that lasts only four weeks!

During that time, you’ll be a full-time student and will be spending 40 hours a week learning these new skills. Though it’s a hefty time commitment over the four-week period, it’ll surely save you time in the long run. At the beginning of the training, you may not know anything about cranes, but when you leave, you’ll be certified and ready to apply for a job with the proper skills.

Thorough Education and Training

When you attend a crane school like West Coast Training, you’re going to leave with hands-on experience. The goal is to make you feel completely comfortable using the machines used on a job site. To do that, you’ll need to be using that machine often while in crane school. We know that in addition to becoming knowledgeable about the machine, students will need to practice using a crane on courses that resemble job sites. That’s why at least 50 percent of the course time will involve training time in the field. You’ll get good at things like designed lifts, smooth operating techniques, rigging, signaling, and other job-related tasks.

At a crane school like West Coast Training, your class size will be small. Only up to 6 people are in a class to ensure that everyone gets as much use out of the machines as possible. You’ll also get plenty of instructor attention too. The class sizes and our team of professionals are key components in the success of our training. Our staff members are experts in their specific fields and have years of experience.

Qualification for Many Types of Work

Attending crane school to become a crane operator is a great step toward an excellent future career. But a crane certification isn’t all that’s available to you when you attend a course. There are other types of heavy machinery that you may find appealing, and it’s nice to have the option to use more than one machine on a job site. That’s why crane schools are such a good option, because more times than not, they’re not only crane schools.

Our four-week training for NCCCO Mobile Crane Operator is a great program, but we also offer an NCCCO Crane Operator and Rigger training that lasts eight consecutive weeks. And to further expand your knowledge, there’s an eight-week Heavy Machinery Operator training.

Once you begin learning about the job opportunities and the credentials you need to be able to use different machines, it’s nice to have the option of completing those training sessions too. Extending your time at the school in order to learn about and become qualified in another machine can better your chances of employment, while still getting the initial training you’re interested in.

Job Assistance

The main point of pursuing any kind of heavy equipment training is to find a job. Not many people get into these intense training just for the fun of it. At West Coast Training, we know that you’re training for a future career. We also know that after completing any of our training, you’re extremely qualified. That’s why our services for you don’t stop once you’ve received your certifications.

After completion of training at West Coast Training, our graduates receive assistance in employment services. These services include resume assistance, interview development, and even assistance with the job search. Our students have had tremendous success in finding jobs after they graduate from our training, and their testimonials are truly inspiring. We love being able to assist our students in finding a job that they love. We want them to be able to enter their new careers feeling confident about the work they’ll be doing.

Attending a crane school is the best way to learn how to operate a crane. Students come from across the nation to get their training at West Coast Training in Washington. If you’re ready to take the next step and learn more about the application process for West Coast Training, check out our website. And if you’re still unsure if crane school is the right fit for you, try taking our Heavy Machine Operator Career Training Readiness quiz. This might answer the questions you have and guide you into making what could be the best career decision you’ve ever made.