Where Can I Take Excavator Operator Classes?

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Where Can I Take Excavator Operator Classes

The ability to operate an excavator is a highly in-demand skill that can dramatically increase both your job prospects and earning potential.

However, it’s not a skill you can simply pick up on the job. The fact is: you need a certification from the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) to even be considered for a position.

It’s not an easy certification to earn. You have to find the right training classes, as this certification requires plenty of practice behind the controls of the equipment as well as time spent in the classroom studying the logistics and laws related to excavators. That’s why anyone interested in learning to operate this highly specialized equipment should attend excavator operator classes in order to earn their certification.

What Will I Learn in the Class?

The versatility of the excavator has made it one of the most common types of construction equipment. It’s most commonly seen clearing land for the construction of buildings as well as in demolition and any other job that requires the movement of a great deal of material. Operating this type of equipment is a matter of learning to drive the truck and operate the excavating arm.

The excavating arm has a relatively high center of gravity so there are certain logistical challenges involved in moving any very heavy weights. This is just one of the safety considerations you’ll have to study in excavator operator classes. Others include securing jobsites, communicating with your fellow workers, and performing basic safety checks on your equipment. This is why you’ll need to spend about half of your time in your training in the classroom, mastering these particulars.

Of course, you won’t be able to work as an excavator operator without plenty of practical experience behind the controls of this type of heavy equipment. That’s precisely why you’ll spend the other half of your class time practicing in the field, learning from professionals who are experienced excavator operators themselves.

Finding the Best Class

Finding the right excavator operator classes is a matter of doing your research ahead of time.

You’ll want to find a class that has experienced instructors, those who have spent their careers operating the same types of equipment that you yourself are seeking to learn. It’s a good idea to look for a training course that will teach you about multiple types of equipment, as the more heavy equipment you can operate, the more employable you will be.

You should also look for a course that will help students with resumes and aid them in the job search after they have earned their certification. Finally, you must find a course that is accredited by organizations such as the NCCER. These agencies will issue your certificate once you have passed your courses.

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, your best bet is West Coast Training. If you don’t live in the area, their comprehensive, highly detailed, and certified courses are worth temporarily relocating for.