What Will I Learn in Scraper Training?

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What Will I Learn in Scraper Training?

A career in construction and heavy equipment operation can be just what you need to help you realize your personal ambitions. If you’re interested in learning how to be a heavy equipment operator, West Coast Training’s curriculum includes training on all kinds of heavy equipment. This includes backhoes, graders, and excavators of all sizes, but also includes scrapers.

What is a scraper, and what will you learn about them in scraper training?

What Is a Scraper?

A scraper is an earthmoving vehicle also known as a wheel tractor scraper. They are commonly used to level surfaces on a jobsite. There are motorized scrapers, but there are also some kinds that are hitched to the back of another vehicle. On a site, a scraper can be used in several different ways. More on this to follow.

How Does It Work?

A scraper has a scraping blade underneath it, which dislodges material from the ground as the vehicle moves forward. The bowl also has a cutting edge that cuts the earth, then loads and carries the materials.

When the bowl is full and the load is complete, an apron blade closes the bowl, and you are ready to transport it to the next location, whether it’s one hundred yards away or all the way across town. When you’ve arrived at the proper site, an ejector at the rear of the bowl will expel the material using a hydraulic system.

What Scrapers Can Be Used For

Leveling Jobsites

This can apply to construction sites but also in other applications, such as grading roads, for agricultural purposes, or in forestry projects. A construction site will require a flat surface to start the project, whether it’s a building, a road, or a campsite, so a scraper is often the first piece of equipment in play.

Hauling Materials and Transportation

Once the machine is full, you can haul those materials elsewhere. These materials include not only earth but also dirt or gravel. You may find yourself not only hauling materials from one side of the jobsite to the other, but also from one job to another job. They have an all-in-one efficiency compared to other earthmoving vehicles.

What Is Scraper Training Like?

The best kind of scraper training is hands-on training. At West Coast Training, we maintain a dedicated, all-weather training site for our students. You will spend time in a classroom, but that is complemented by an equal amount of training with the equipment itself. Students can be prepared to gain practical experience and become professionals within our eight-week program time. These 400 hours of quality instruction will be spent learning not only safety methods, site preparation, flagging, and grade checking, but also how to operate a variety of heavy equipment.

Graduates are prepared to go into a variety of fields, including construction, industrial, mining, forestry, and recycling. Your education will be thorough and focused, and your career will be rewarding.

If you’re looking to begin your career in heavy equipment operation, contact West Coast Training today.