What Will I Learn in a Loader Operator Course?

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What Will I Learn in a Loader Operator Course?

The loader is one of the most commonplace sights in the construction business, being used for everything from demolition to farming to shoveling snow. Many different types of loader exist, with both larger and smaller versions, and their primary purpose is to move large and heavy materials from place to place. With this level of versatility, it’s no surprise that employers are always on the lookout for highly trained, experienced loader operators. 

Should you desire to take the next step to improve your career in the construction business, you might consider signing up for West Coast Training’s heavy equipment and loader operator course. This intensive course combines classroom learning with training in the field in order to ensure students have a well-rounded understanding of loaders and their use. 

Safety First

West Coast Training believes that no project can be truly successful without a dedication to safety, so safety practices are continuously emphasized throughout the program. This begins during the first session, where safe work habits are discussed and students are briefed on the latest OSHA regulations with regard to the use of loaders. Common accidents and their prevention will be covered, as well as effective communication and teamwork with fellow workers. 

The Classroom Portion

Approximately half of the time in the loader operator course is spent in the classroom, where many of the basics in loader operation are discussed. The basic movements of a loader will be covered, as well as its parts and some of the different loader types. Preventative maintenance, warm-ups, and all of the necessary materials for operating a loader safely are taught during the first few, classroom-only sessions of the course. 

Training in the Field

Once you get to the field-training portion of your loader operator course, you will witness demonstrations of expected tasks, as performed by your instructors. They will then supervise as you practice these tasks yourself, learning as you work behind the controls of a real, operational loader. You will practice going through the checklist before starting your loader, as well as fueling, warming up, and starting the machinery safely. 

Before receiving your credentials as a heavy equipment operator, you need to be able to demonstrate that you can safely perform multiple tasks with loaders. In the field, you’ll rack up the experience you require to not only pass your performance tests, but also to begin applying for jobs confidently once you are certified. 

Finding Work in Your Field

West Coast Training will equip you with the ability to professionally operate loaders in every kind of construction site imaginable, but the marketable skills we teach don’t stop there. It doesn’t matter how highly trained you are if you don’t know how to find a job in this highly competitive industry. Your loader operator course will also help you to craft a resume and approach an interview in such a way that you wow prospective future employers.