What Skills Do I Need to Find Construction Jobs?


Skilled construction workers are more in demand than ever these days and it pays well: sometimes in excess of fifty thousand dollars per year, not to mention benefits and opportunities for advancement.

But if these construction jobs are in such demand and can bring in such good money, why aren’t more people interested?

The simple fact is that the majority of people who are intrigued don’t have the required skills. While you can definitely learn some things while on the job, you’re going to need to come equipped with certain skills before you even start looking. Here are the skills you’ll want to know if you’re going to be looking for a job in the construction field:

Physical Fitness

When you’re on a job site, you may be required to undertake any of a variety of tasks, but you can guarantee that it will require a certain level of strength. You will also need to be well-versed in technique; it doesn’t matter how strong you are if you aren’t properly trained to lift and move while preventing injury.

When you’re working in construction, odds are you won’t have to worry too much about physical strength; after all, you’ll be staying in shape from the work alone. Nevertheless, while you are searching for a job, make sure you’re active. A regular exercise regimen, which should include both cardiovascular and anaerobic workouts, will help you achieve or keep you in tip-top condition and make you even more qualified for the position that awaits.

Planning and Communication

A critical element of all construction jobs that can often go overlooked by job seekers is the ability to plan. Needless to say, there is a lot more to a construction job than simply building something. You’ll have to know exactly what you’re building and how to build it. For some people, the ability to visualize all elements of the job in advance comes naturally. Others, however, may need to work at it, and that’s okay too. As long as you are equipped with the necessary skills once you go job searching, your prospective employers will look at your resume with great interest.

A skilled construction worker knows how to manage both the cost and timing of a project and must always have an eye toward safety. If you want to succeed in the construction business, you’ll also need to be an expert communicator. It’s crucial that you are able to understand what your supervisors want, what your fellow employees need, and that your whole team can work together as a cohesive unit. There are a number of ways you can practice your communication skills, but perhaps the most critical is to actually work on team projects in a safe classroom environment. Attending courses allow you to work with others and improve your ability to work as a team.

Heavy Equipment Skills

Of course, if you’re going to be gainfully employed in the construction world, you’ll need to be more than simply a good communicator who is physically capable. You’ll also need to be familiar with a huge variety of different tools and equipment that you’ll need to complete a job. It’s not enough to able to swing a hammer; you’ll need training on heavy equipment as well.

For example, you’ll dramatically boost your employability if you know how to operate the different types of cranes that exist. You’ll be able to seek work in forestry, mining, and building if you know the different heavy equipment that is used. Dozers, backhoes, loaders, and scrapers are among the many types of equipment you may need to be familiarity with. Many employers will also want you to be certified; you’ll have to be able to prove that you can successfully and safely handle the operations and maintenance of the required machinery.

For many prospective construction workers, this is where they are forced to give up on their hope of finding lucrative construction jobs. After all, heavy equipment skills aren’t exactly something you can teach yourself. The only way to learn how to operate these types of machines are to do just that – operate them repeatedly – and in a variety of different situations.

The best, safest, and most cost-effective way to accomplish this is to find a school that specializes in this training. Even better is if you can find a school that specializes in a wide variety of equipment training, leaving its students versatile, as well as certified.

West Coast Training is a perfect example as it offers heavy equipment training that will teach you the ins and outs of a wide variety of different machines. You’ll spend time in a classroom learning the planning portion, as well as a great deal of time working in the field and actually using the machines you’ll be expected to know.

Resume and Interview Skills

Another frequently overlooked skill that you’ll need when you start seeking a construction job is the ability to ace an interview. After all, it doesn’t matter how well trained you are if you can’t put together a resume that will impress recruiters.

When you’re applying for jobs, you’ll need to know how to make yourself stand out so that you can get your foot in the door in the highly competitive industry that is construction. While you can learn some elements of resume building online, ultimately it really is another skill that requires lots of practice to perfect. That’s why, when you’re seeking a school that will teach you how to handle heavy equipment, you should make sure it’ll help you with the job search process as well.

This is an area where West Coast Training excels. It’ll equip you with top-notch construction skills, but also help direct you to in jobs, craft a killer resume, and ace your upcoming interviews.