What Should I Include in My Crane Operator Resume?

by | Feb 28, 2023 | Blog, Crane Certification, Cranes, Heavy Equipment School | 0 comments

Graduating from crane operator training can be an exciting time, especially when you know you’re well prepared to enter the job field. Completing your training from a school like West Coast Training will give you hands-on learning experience from professionals who know the job. So when the time comes to begin working on your crane operator resume, you’ll be more than ready to start working.

Writing out your resume doesn’t have to be an intimidating task, especially when you have professional help to complete it. To ensure that you have the best possibility of being hired, West Coast Training offers employment services to all graduates, which enables graduates to hone their skills and develop a personalized plan for job hunting. It includes assistance with creating a crane operator resume.

Still, it’s a good idea to know a bit about what should be included in this important document. Here are a few things you should include in your crane operator resume.


When writing up a crane operator resume, be sure to list your credentials. Upon completion of a training program like the NCCCO Crane Operator and Riggertraining at West Coast Training, you’ll hold a list of certifications that are worth noting on your crane operator resume. These certifications include the (TSS) Fixed Cab Hydraulic Crane, (TLL) Swing Cab Hydraulic Crane, (LBT) Lattice Boom Truck Crane, (LBC) Lattice Boom Crawler Crane, (BTF) Boom Truck Fixed Cab Crane, and (STC) Service Truck Crane.

Potential employers will want to know that you have been certified to use the equipment necessary for the job you’re applying for, and listing it on your resume is a good way to inform them.

Previous Job Experience

If you’ve worked on a jobsite before and have had relevant experience in the job you’re applying for, you should definitely list it on your resume. This can include internships as well. Prior experience in the job field will give potential employers more confidence in your abilities. Pair that with a completed crane operator course certificate, and you’ll be an appealing candidate for any crane operator job.


When you attend a crane operator training school, you will learn a variety of skills that will be useful on a jobsite. The same goes for if you’ve ever worked on a jobsite before. Now is the time to list those skills and explain how you acquired them to your potential employer.

Listing things like renovation projects you helped complete; capabilities you have, like reading blueprints; or your ability to follow OSHA compliance is a good place to start. If you’ve ever been put in charge of a project and the people working on it, you should be sure to list it, as well as the number of people you were in charge of. Not everyone who works on a jobsite is capable of the same things, so you should be sure to list the things that you have proven successful at to help you stand out.

If you’re ready to start working as a crane operator, creating a great resume is one of the last steps to achieving your goals. Once you finish, you’ll be that much closer to starting your new career.