What Related Duties Will I Learn in Heavy Equipment Training School?

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What Related Duties Will I Learn in Heavy Equipment Training School?

At West Coast Training, we take our training seriously. Our Heavy Equipment Operator Training course prepares our students for professional construction work, both through classroom teaching and hands-on fieldwork. Besides Heavy Equipment Operator Training, Crane Operator/Rigger Training, Mobile Crane Operator Training, and seminars and refresher courses are offered.

At our heavy equipment training school, we go beyond the basics and teach several related duties as well, giving our students a well-rounded training. This provides students with a deeper understanding of field operations, fully preparing them for the working world after graduation.

Here are the related duties that you will learn in heavy equipment training school.

Site Preparation

Before construction can happen on a site, there are a few things that need to happen. It needs to be properly prepared to ensure construction happens efficiently, correctly, and safely. This preparation includes the wrecking or demolishing of buildings or any other structures in the area. It also includes the clearing of the building sites and, after that, getting rid of all the debris from the demolished structures.

Some other skills involved in site preparation are excavating, earth-moving, test drilling, landfill, blasting, leveling, and land drainage.


Controlling traffic on a construction site is an important job, and that’s why flagging is an important duty to learn. Flaggers are the people on the construction site whose job it is to control the traffic. They are the ones you see holding traffic signs on the side of the road or highway to keep traffic flowing safely. This duty is an important one to learn, as it’s critical to keeping both the construction site and workers safe while they’re working, as well as those on the road.

Grade Checking

Another common construction job on a site is that of a grade checker. This person’s job is to set grade stakes along the site. These grade stakes guide the operators of the equipment along curved or sloping highways and embankments. This job entails knowledge of how to use measuring instruments, hand tools, and specified ratios.

Operator Preventative Maintenance

Construction sites can be dangerous, which is why operator preventative maintenance is an important duty to learn, as it ensures the safety of the workers and the site. This includes maintenance that’s regularly performed on the heavy equipment to make sure it’s working properly and efficiently. This lessens the likelihood of it failing during construction or breaking down unexpectedly, prolonging the construction work.

As you can see, there are a lot of important related duties that you will learn in heavy equipment training school. One other duty you will learn is basic survey work. You won’t learn this on its own, as it’s integrated into most projects you will be working on as part of your training.

If you’re interested in learning all of these duties, in addition to the regular heavy equipment training school coursework, give us a call today.