What Kind of Jobs Can I Do with Backhoe Training?

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What Kind of Jobs Can I Do with Backhoe Training?

You’ve probably heard that attending construction school can open a wide variety of potentially lucrative career opportunities. The more knowledge you have of the equipment utilized in this competitive industry, the more career paths will become open to you. Of course, there are many different types of heavy construction equipment you can choose to learn; cranes, dozers, excavators, and scrapers are all among them.

One of the heavy equipment types commonly used in construction is the backhoe. The versatility of this popular machine means that it can be used for many different tasks. Because of this, it’s common to see the backhoe on many construction sites. Its ubiquity means that operators with backhoe training have a much easier time finding construction work than those who aren’t familiar with this type of device.

What Is a Backhoe?

The backhoe is a type of digger attached to an articulated arm, which is mounted onto either a tractor or front loader. This digger draws earth backward—hence the name—and can be used to move gravel, heavy rocks, and even boulders. It can be used for excavation or digging ponds or fence post holes, and other landscaping tasks.

If the backhoe attachment is connected to a front loader, the piece of equipment is known as a “backhoe loader” and is considered to be the “Swiss army knife” of construction equipment. With the ability to both dig and move large amounts of heavy materials, the backhoe loader is perfect for urban construction projects, including the building of houses.

What Skills Are Required?

Operating the backhoe and learning the particulars of its articulation arm are only a small part of the skills necessary for operating a backhoe. A large part of construction training will involve on-the-job safety procedures, as well as learning to coordinate with other workers on the job to ensure that the job can be performed as efficiently and safely as possible. Communication is key on any work site. Backhoe operators will need to learn both verbal and non-verbal communication for the job.

To acquire the necessary skills and certifications to operate backhoes and other heavy equipment, you will need to find a construction school such as West Coast Training. There, you’ll earn the necessary skills, as well as on-the-job experience, to start your career as a backhoe operator.

Some of the Jobs for Backhoe Operators

Operators with backhoe training can find themselves contracted for any of many, many different jobs. One day, you may be called upon to uproot trees in order to clear a lot for construction. Another day, you might need to clear away snow on a dirt road. You may have to spend the day digging trenches for another type of construction job. You may have to help with the installation of a large fence. Of course, these are just a few of the jobs that may be available to backhoe operators. This unique and versatile piece of equipment is a fixture on construction sites the world over.