What Is a Lattice Boom Crane Used For?

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What Is a Lattice Boom Crane Used For?

There are many different types of cranes that you’ll learn to use when you sign up with a crane operator school such as West Coast Training, with each one being specialized to different types of tasks and environments. Fixed cranes, for example, remain in one location for the duration of a job. They are either a permanent feature of an area such as a fishing dock or constructed specifically for a purpose and then disassembled afterward.

Most cranes, however, are mobile cranes, which can be driven from place to place to be used where they are needed. Some are mounted onto trucks or tractors, while others may be floated from one area to the next on a boat or barge. The largest type of mobile crane is called a lattice boom crane, which is moved around from place to place using a track attachment called a crawler.

What Does “Lattice Boom Crane” Mean?

Simply put, the boom is the lifting attachment of the crane. On a large, mobile type of crane, the boom has a lattice construction to give it extra strength. There are several other elements of the crane that operators become familiar with as they work their way through crane operator school. They will learn to operate the hoist, which is the part of the crane that lifts and lowers heavy loads of material, as well as the jib, which is the operating arm of the crane itself.

In most cases, the crane operator will sit within a cab to operate the controls of the crane. There, they will work closely with other workers on the jobsite to perform the tasks that require the use of a lattice boom crane.

Why Learn How to Operate One?

Learning how to operate a lattice boom crane is an absolute must for a person trying to break into the competitive world of heavy equipment operators. These types of cranes are used for dozens, if not hundreds, of different jobs in every facet of the construction industry. They are extremely mobile, able to utilize their treads to access areas that other types of construction equipment cannot. Due to their treads spreading their weight out across a wider area and their low center of gravity, they are far more stable than other similar types of construction equipment. This in turn means they can transport incredible amounts of weight in order to perform their required tasks.

What Jobs Are They Most Commonly Used For?

As we’ve mentioned, lattice boom cranes are used for a wide array of different jobs, and it wouldn’t be possible to list them all here. However, a few of the most common include the construction of large buildings, the transportation of heavy loads from one area to another, and building wind energy turbines. They are also used in agriculture because they can drive across dirt roads very easily. Essentially, a lattice boom crane can be used for any type of job that requires moving a great deal of weight from place to place or for accessing areas that other types of vehicles cannot.