What Does NCCCO Stand For?

Crane Certification, Crane Operator

Large cranes built on construction site.

You’ve just applied and been accepted to a heavy machine operator program—congrats! Now, as you’re thumbing through the material, you stumble on an acronym: NCCCO. Your first question probably is, what does NCCCO stand for? We can help you out.

NCCCO stands for the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators. It’s a non-profit organization that was established in 1995 with the goal of helping to develop performance standards for handling crane equipment to support all sectors of the construction industry and in general industries.

It provides independent, thorough tests of skills and knowledge and, in general, attempts to assist in comprehensive safety: for the operator, the equipment, and for the workplace. They are there to encourage effective training and safety via performance records and giving credit for exceptional workers, as it’s due.

Who Makes Up the NCCCO?

Various representatives from numerous industries worked together for 10 years to establish the organization. The Commission was put together to support their industry and set regulatory standards for all associated bodies, including agencies, manufacturers, steel erectors, distributors of equipment, training groups, insurance companies, and construction firms. The board of directors has individuals from an array of industries, including government, labor unions, rental firms, owners, and of course, contractors.

Why Is the NCCCO Important for Me?

Whether you’re considering a profession in crane operation or are already registered for training and are taking the step to look ahead at what is yet to come, the NCCCO is sure to play a relatively big role in your professional development as a heavy equipment operator.

Who Else Is the NCCCO Important For?

The answer is quite clear. Everyone benefits from having certified and licensed individuals operating heavy machines and equipment. “Everyone” can be coworking operators, employers, and the general public. By ensuring that trainees and operators are held to a standard, those throughout the industry will be able to easily be able to hire skilled workers who take their jobs seriously and who have the demonstrated skills to make their hire a no-brainer.

Additionally, it’s important for the various industries to have the same standardized test so when someone needs to be hired, they know that the individual meets or exceeds the standards that have been set.

The NCCCO offers licensure and certifications that are recognized around the world, and as a leader in the industry, it is a trusted group for others in related industries. Once you have your certification through the NCCCO, you’re bound to have a significantly easier time finding and getting work as a professional crane operator.

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