What Can I Do Near Me with a Crane Certification?

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Are you interested in a career in construction? Have you always wanted to work with big machines and heavy equipment? If so, becoming a crane operator might be your dream job. But don’t just jump into looking through job listings. You’ll need a certain amount of training and education before ultimately earning the NCCCO crane certification. Read on below to find out about the potential opportunities near you that will come with a crane certification.

Certification Is Required in the United States

Some mistakenly believe certifications aren’t necessary in every state. But recent law changes have made it an absolute requirement throughout the US. And you’ll find that both the certification itself and the education and experience you get in a training program will really pay off.

Hands-on training is important too. Many employers insist on it. And you’re unlikely to pass the practical certification exam if you haven’t done fieldwork. Plus, those with more experience will get more, better, and higher-paying jobs than those without.

Once you earn a crane certification, you will almost immediately find work near you. And not only will it be easy to find work, but all of the jobs are sure to pay very well, even for those just starting out. And these jobs will also most likely include benefits.


One option after you receive NCCCO certification is to look for an apprenticeship near you. These give you even more time to learn about cranes—and that valuable practical experience. Apprenticeships can last from one to six years. You’ll also learn plenty more about the industry as well as additional skills. And once you’ve worked as an apprentice, you’re more likely to end up with a job with that employer.

Be a Valuable Member of the Jobsite

Crane operators often have to work with different types of cranes and sometimes even other machinery. Training programs also teach other duties, including inspecting the cranes, recording and logging, and making repairs. This can expand to taking on more responsibility on jobsites as well as different jobs in the industry.

NCCCO certification gives employers confidence in both your skills and safety training as well. Cranes are complicated, unique, and heavy machines. The more you’ve learned about and had experience with these machines, the better work you’ll do. Training in safety guidelines is also important. Accidents are more likely to occur when someone with limited experience and knowledge in handling heavy equipment. Knowing the measures and cautions to take greatly reduces the risks of something going horribly wrong. Your certification will give employers peace of mind.

Choose Your Industry

Completing a crane certification program, of course, often leads to working for a construction company and various construction site jobs, sometimes offering the opportunity to travel depending on the location of the job. But that’s not all.

You will probably be surprised at just how many different businesses and industries need certified crane operators to work for them. Crane services are used to remove trees. So you could also find employment with a tree service company near you. Other places you will likely find work include roofing companies, oil rigs, and cargo docks.

Another option, of course, is to continue moving up in the industry. With further experience, training, and testing, you could also become a Certified Lift Director. Others decide to open their own companies for providing crane services.

Keep in mind that a crane certification lasts for five years. Make sure to get recertified so you can continue to enjoy the employment that comes with it.

Now that you know about the benefits and opportunities, what are the next steps? In order to start a training program, you will typically need either a high school diploma or GED. For a crane certification program near you, consider looking into West Coast Training. We are also a certified testing facility. You can find out more information about our training program on our website.