What Are the Benefits of Knowing How To Operate Different Types of Cranes?

by | Aug 28, 2023 | Blog, Cranes, Heavy Equipment | 0 comments

There are so many different types of cranes used in construction. There are many different types of cranes: tower cranes, pedestal cranes, overhead cranes, mobile cranes, to name just a few. Since different kinds of jobs require different cranes, knowing how to operate multiple types of cranes can give you both flexibility in your career choices and a leg up with potential employers.

Read on for a more detailed look at the benefits of learning to operate different types of cranes.

It’s a Resume Booster

By having training in different types of cranes, your resume will stand out from the rest to potential employers. You are also opening yourself up to more job opportunities since you’ll have the skills to work on whatever type of job you prefer and switch paths if you want something different. As different jobsites need different types of cranes, you’ll have a wider pool of jobs that you are a good fit for. This means that your chances of finding a job are much higher than someone who can only operate one type of crane.

Sometimes More Than One Crane Is Used

Depending on the size and needs of the jobsite, sometimes, more than one crane will be needed to get the job done. If this is the case, they will likely be looking to hire one person who can operate multiple kinds of cranes rather than hiring multiple people who can only operate one crane each. Because of this, you have a better chance of getting hired at a site if you know how to operate various cranes.

You’re Making a Workplace Safer

By knowing how to operate different kinds of cranes, you’re making a jobsite safer. It’s no secret that working with heavy equipment can be a dangerous job. This is why it’s important to know how to safely operate the machinery. Companies know this and want to make sure they are hiring people who will keep other employees and the site they’re working on safe.

At West Coast Training, we understand how important it is for students to be well-rounded and know how to operate different types of cranes. That’s why we offer mobile and fixed crane operator courses, where students learn how to operate large hydraulic (swing cab), small hydraulic (fix cab), lattice boom truck, crawler-mounted mobile, tower, and articulating boom (knuckle boom) cranes, plus Rigger Lv 1 and Signal Person training. We also offer seminars for all of these subjects.

If you’re interested in starting a new career as a crane operator or want to learn how to operate a new type of crane, we encourage you to further your education. Reach out to us at West Coast Training, and we’ll help you learn how to successfully operate different types of cranes.