What Are Scrapers?


What Are Scrapers

A Cog in the Construction Machine

Scrapers are an important part of any construction project. You’ve most likely seen them working on roadways even if you didn’t recognize them. They are clearly heavy pieces of construction equipment, but exactly what are scrapers? And what are they used for in construction?

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The Bare Bones of a Scraper

So, what exactly are scrapers? Scrapers are big heavy machines like backhoes and bulldozers. Their primary job is to scrape the earth flat on a construction project using a blade to remove any excess dirt and load it into a trailer attached to the scraper. Scrapers work to move the earth quickly and easily to continue other tasks on the jobsite.

Scrapers are not just used for roadway construction. They can also be used for mining and farming operations. There are also multiple types of scrapers, each one specializing in a different type of task.

1. Single-Engine Wheeled Scraper

The workhorse model is the most common and the one you’ve most likely seen on the road. This scraper has a bowl to collect the dirt it gathers and a metal plate called an “apron” on top that stops dirt from falling out until you reach the drop point and can release the material. This scraper does require more work to use since you need someone to push its trailer.

2. Dual-Engine Wheeled Scraper

The dual-engine wheeled scraper is an upgrade from the single-engine model and has an engine in the front of the machine as well as the back. This makes it more powerful to use against rough earth to dig deeper. Dual-engine scrapers are recommended in wet conditions, where the dirt is sometimes too difficult for a single engine to get through.

3. Pull Scrapers

A pull scraper is used mostly for farming and agricultural projects. Pull scrapers do not have an engine and need to be towed along by a tractor to be used. They are small but perfect for taking care of rough earth in the fields.

4. Elevating Scraper

An elevating scraper is a self-loading machine, using a conveyor belt to move dirt and soil into its trailer. It also mixes what it collects, integrating the material instead of simply moving it around. Scrapers are a terrific addition to a jobsite, offering their own specialty in the construction industry in removing and relocating excess earth.

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