5 Study Tips for Preparing for the NCCER Exam

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The National Center for Construction Education and Research, or NCCER for short, is a nonprofit education foundation that was created in 1996 to develop a standardized credentialing and training program. Therefore, to fully thrive in the industry, taking the NCCER exam and becoming certified is a must. The organization tracks the credentials of its graduates in a registry system, which allows employers to easily see the experience and training potential equipment operators have. This is why it’s important to properly prepare for the NCCER exam. Here are five study tips that may help.

1. Take an NCCER Certified Course

There is no better way to start your preparation for the NCCER exam than to make sure that the training you have completed is one that follows the NCCER curriculum. This will also ensure that it meets all its training requirements. At West Coast Training, we’re NCCER accredited and follow all the curriculum guidelines making sure our students are fully prepared for the exam.

2. Ask an Experience NCCER Craft Instructor for Tips

There is no better way to prepare for the exam than by preparing with an experienced NCCER craft instructor. Do you know anyone in the field? We have these instructors at West Coast Training, and our students can ask for any help or tips they need to ensure they’re fully ready to take the exam.

3. Use Assessment Study Guides

The NCCER website provides information sheets that cover each available written assessment. These show which topic areas are covered in the assessment. They also show how many questions there will be on each topic. There’s more information on these assessment study guides too, such as if you can use reference materials on the assessment tests, the time limits, the total number of questions, and what the passing score is. These written assessment specification sheets can be found on the NCCER website on the Program Resources page under each respective craft name.

4. Read Textbooks and Take Individual Modules

If you want more reading materials or are interested in reading a different perspective on things, there are further NCCER textbooks and individual modules made available to purchase, which may help you with some more information. These are available through their publisher, Pearson Education.

5. Breathe and Get a Good Night’s Sleep!

As is important with any major exam you may be taking, it is important that you take a deep breath, center yourself, and get a good night’s sleep beforehand to make sure you are fully awake, coherent, and ready to tackle the exam.

If you’re interested in taking the NCCER exam and are looking for NCCER certification programs, look no further than West Coast Training. All participants in our programs receive instruction both in the classroom and in the field. This helps from the start to fully prepare them for their NCCER exams. Contact us today and learn more about our offerings and how we make sure you are ready for the NCCER exam.