What Is the Mobile Crane Setup Procedure?

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Before you get behind the controls of a mobile crane, it’s necessary to ensure that it has been set up properly, with careful attention paid to the safety of the workspace and equipment. Crane operators must have an eye for detail because when operating heavy machinery on the scale of an industrial crane, any mistake can prove extremely costly.

When you first begin to study crane operation, you will work your way down a checklist, ensuring that you haven’t missed any critical steps in the setup procedure before you begin the work in earnest. Employers in the construction industry require a license to operate a crane. You can earn your certification at a crane operating school such as West Coast Training. The proper training will ensure that you become well-versed in the mobile crane setup procedure.

Start with a Plan

A massive construction job shouldn’t be performed without a careful plan in place. Before you begin any sort of preparation for the task at hand, you should have an idea about how it will be performed. What is the job? How many people will it take to do it? Do you have enough skilled workers available to help? Will you require a signal person to help coordinate your efforts while you operate the machine? These are important questions to answer before you begin your work.

Know Your Equipment

If you’ve received training from a school like West Coast Training, you will know your way around many different types of cranes. This is important because there are so many different types of cranes out there. While many of them operate in a similar fashion, there are enough nuances between the different types that they aren’t interchangeable. That’s why it’s key you have a thorough understanding of the equipment you will be using to perform your work.

Secure the Job Site

You cannot begin any kind of work with heavy machinery until you’re certain the job site is safe and secure. Make sure that there are no people in your work area before you start up the mobile crane, and check that there are no hazards, such as power cables, in your way.

Inspect Your Crane

The next step in your mobile crane setup procedure will be to inspect the crane itself. Make sure everything is in proper working order: Is there enough hydraulic fluid in the crane? It will not be able to lift otherwise. Is there plenty of fuel? Are all the electrical systems functional? What about the safety features? Do they appear to be in good working order? Become accustomed to checking every detail of the crane before beginning your work.

Test Everything First

The final step in your setup procedure, once you have thoroughly inspected everything, will be to test out the equipment to make sure it’s in good shape and functional. Do a test lift of the load your crane will be carrying. Just move the load slightly to ensure that your crane can handle it and all of your cables are strong enough. Make sure the crane drives appropriately and that the boom can extend properly. Once you’re certain everything is functioning as it’s supposed to, you can finally start your work.