Learn to Operate a Backhoe

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Here at West Coast Training, we’re dedicated to training and educating the next generation of heavy equipment operators. The workforce of the future will be dominated by individuals with hard-earned trade skills, and we’re proud to offer you a clear path to a career of your own.

There’s never been a better time to get into the construction industry, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting a faster than average 5 percent increase in employment in the field between now and 2029. If you’re not sure where to start, we recommend you learn to operate a backhoe. A vital and versatile piece of equipment, the backhoe is used widely on construction sites throughout the country. In our program, you’ll not only learn to operate a backhoe, but to become a well-rounded and valuable operator as well.

Benefit from a Classroom Education

Being a heavy equipment operator isn’t just about hopping in the machine of your choice and starting it up, you need a foundational knowledge of construction skills as well. When you learn to operate a backhoe with us, a portion of your time will be spent in a classroom setting designed to give you exactly that.

While in our classrooms you’ll have the opportunity to learn valuable engineering concepts, applied mathematics, surveying, project layouts, and most importantly, safety skills. These classes are designed to go above and beyond the requirements needed to operate a backhoe, making you a valuable asset to any potential future employers.

Get Hands-On Training

While a knowledge base is important to your career, you can’t learn to operate a backhoe with theory alone. That’s why when you’re not in the classroom, you’ll receive hands-on practical training in a controlled environment. Just over half your time in the program will be dedicated to supervised training sessions that simulate a real worksite. These sessions will have you implement the skills taught in class, bridging the divide between the theoretical and the practical.

Your instructor will guide you through the nuts and bolts of proper equipment operation, as well as tips on preventative maintenance. This combination of in-class education followed by practical application is designed to make you as prepared as possible for when you step onto your first worksite.

Broaden Your Horizons

When you learn to operate a backhoe, you are only making yourself more valuable to anyone who would want to hire you in the future. It’s an investment in yourself. You put the time and energy in now so that you can have a longer and more profitable career in the future. Why stop there, though? Think of the skills you gain like a toolbox at your disposal. You wouldn’t just buy a hammer and call it a day. You need different tools for different circumstances. Backhoe proficiency is a valuable tool in your box, but you should by no means view that as the end of your training. If you want to continue growing as a heavy equipment operator, you need to keep growing your skillset. Whatever you want to learn next, we’ll be here for you.