How Much Do Heavy Machine Operators Make?

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How Much Do Heavy Machine Operators Make

Regardless of whether the job is a large- or small-scale one, most construction sites require at least one type of heavy machinery to get the job done. The people operating these heavy machines have to be highly skilled, and in most cases, are required to have certification by an organization like the NCCER (National Center for Construction Education and Research).

The job of heavy machine operator is one that’s always in demand and requires specific training. It can be one that pays quite well. So, how much do heavy machine operators make, and how does one go about getting the required training to secure employment in this coveted field?

What Does a Heavy Machine Operator Need To Know?

In the construction business, “heavy machine” can refer to any type of vehicle designed specifically for construction-related tasks. This could include backhoes, which are used for digging and paving; loaders and dozers, which are used for tasks like clearing rubble; and scrapers, which are used for removing large layers of earth.

The operators of these machines must have a great deal of training, knowledge, and skill to ensure the equipment is used safely and effectively. Operators must know how to maintain their machinery, prepare jobsites, and communicate with other construction workers in order to perform the precise tasks required of them.

Where Are These Skills Learned?

Most employers will require heavy machine operators to have NCCER or other certifications, and in some places, these certifications are also required by law. This means that anyone with an interest in learning the skills required to operate heavy machinery must receive certified training.

The best heavy equipment training should include both a classroom portion and a practical, on-the-job portion. In the classroom, candidates should learn critical skills, such as how to read a load chart. While in the field, students should get real-world experience behind the controls of heavy construction equipment.

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How To Earn the Best Salary

So the big question is: how much do heavy machine operators make? The answer depends upon a number of factors, such as the specific duties of the job, the equipment in use, and the location. On average, heavy equipment operators earn around $68,000 a year.

It’s possible to earn more than this. Having the proper certifications will help you to earn the higher end of the pay scale, which can be as high as $85,000 a year. Indeed, the more skills you have, the more valuable you could be to a prospective employer. It’s a good idea to use your time at West Coast Training to learn as many different types of machinery as possible, including not just earthmovers but cranes and rigging as well.