How Long Is Crane Operator School?

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How Long Is Crane Operator School

Changing your career is more appealing when you know it can be done quickly. Heavy equipment training is a growing field that is always looking for more skilled workers, and entering into the field is easier than ever. Schools like West Coast Training can get you certified to use a number of cranes in no time, but how long does it really take?

If you’ve been wondering how long crane operator school is, you’ll be happy to know that it can be completed in a matter of weeks. One of the many benefits to becoming a crane operator is the fact that it doesn’t take long to become certified. When you go to school at West Coast Training, you’ll have the knowledge and experience to start your new career right away.

How Long Is Crane Operator School?

A crane operator course can be completed in as little as 4 weeks. The mobile crane training course offered at West Coast Training is a 4 week course with the objective to train entry-level mobile crane operators. When you take this course you’ll be a part of a small group of students that are training to become operators of large hydraulic, small hydraulic, lattice boom truck and crawler mounted mobile cranes.

There is also an option to extend this training even further, making it an 8-week course. When taking the extended course, students will have the opportunity to become certified to use even more heavy equipment in their new careers. Potential employers often like the benefits of having an employee who is able to work flexibly around a worksite. These extra qualifications will have you finished with your schooling in just two months, and ready to excel in your new career.

What Happens During Your Training?

When you decide to complete a crane operator course, you’re signing up for at least 160 hours worth of training. During this course, students will receive supervised, hands-on training in the operation of a variety of mobile cranes.

You’ll spend approximately 50% of your time training in the field performing mobile crane operation, including smooth operation techniques, designed lifts, rigging, signaling, and more. The other 50% of the course will be spent in the classroom, with inclusive learning of ASME Standards, and OSHA regulations for mobile cranes. The training atmosphere will mimic the conditions that exist in the workplace giving students the most hands-on learning experience possible. After completing the minimum160-hour course students will sit for a series of examinations to complete their certification.

What Certifications Will You Receive?

Upon graduation, students will earn 6 NCCCO mobile crane operator certificates, and will be qualified for entry-level positions in crane operation across the world. Passing the exams will qualify graduates for the following NCCCO certificates: Fixed Cab Hydraulic Crane, Swing Cab Hydraulic Crane, Lattice Boom Truck Crane, Lattice Boom Crawler Crane, Boom Truck Fixed Cab Crane, and Service Truck Crane. These certifications will allow you to operate these machines on a job site, with the confidence of knowing how to do so safely and effectively. If starting a new career in as little as 4 weeks sounds appealing to you, enrolling in a crane certification course with West Coast Training could be an exciting new journey to pursue!