How Do I Earn Heavy Equipment Operator Certification?

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How Do I Earn Heavy Equipment Operator Certification

Once you graduate high school or obtain your GED, it is time to start considering what to do with the rest of your life. You want to be able to live comfortably and earn a living to support yourself and your future. There are so many career choices to pick from. Depending on your strengths, weaknesses, likes, and dislikes, each graduate will choose a different career path.

If you enjoy the outdoors, don’t want to be stuck behind a desk and computer each day, and are in great physical shape, you may consider a career path in heavy equipment operation.

In order to become a heavy equipment operator, you must first obtain an equipment operator certification through a certified training program. Earning your equipment operator credentials will allow you to start working at full salary right out of the gate, instead of apprenticing for years at a lower wage.

You will also be fully trained and ready to jump on the first project feeling secure in your operating abilities and safety skills. West Coast Training offers training programs for those who are looking to start their careers in heavy equipment operation. Our classes offer both classroom and hands-on experience in as little as eight weeks if you are able to devote a full-time schedule to your training.

Below is a list of steps you can take to become a heavy equipment operator.

Earn a High School Diploma or GED

In order to qualify for many heavy equipment training programs, you must be at least 18 years of age and have either a high school diploma or GED.

Having the knowledge obtained in high school is extremely helpful with the skills required for safe and successful heavy equipment operation. You will need to be able to repair and maintain the equipment used during your job. You will also need to be able to read blueprints, determine land grades, understand soil compositions, and use certain knowledge of math and science obtained during high school.

Complete a Heavy Equipment Training Program

The next step in becoming certified and getting on your way to your new career is to find a heavy equipment operator training program.

Completing a heavy equipment operator training program is a full-time job. Most programs require 10-hour days, 5 days a week for approximately 8 weeks to learn all of the necessary skills in order to earn your equipment operator certification.

Once you complete 400 hours of training, you will be ready to become certified and find a job in your new professional field.

Earn Heavy Equipment Certification

Once your training is complete, you will be ready to sit for the equipment operator certification exam. Passing this exam will allow you to work as a heavy equipment operator.

You may also be required to obtain a commercial driver’s license to be able to drive a trailer with your heavy equipment to the jobsite in order to work each day. If you are interested in starting a heavy equipment training program, contact West Coast Training today.