How Do I Become a Construction Operator?

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How Do I Become a Construction Operator?

If you’d rather do manual labor outdoors than sit inside at a desk all day, you’ve probably thought about a career in construction. After all, this is an industry that has consistent job growth, is constantly in demand, and pays quite well. But you can’t just walk onto a construction site with no experience and expect to be hired. So how do you get started? Read on to find out how to become a construction operator.

Complete Training

To start, you may be wondering, what are the education requirements for construction operators? You usually need to have at least a high school degree or GED. In addition to that, completing a training or apprenticeship program is preferred. These programs will provide the skills and education to set you on the path for success. You’ll also need to pass the appropriate credentialed exams (more on this later).

In order to have a successful career as a construction operator, you need to have thorough knowledge of the different machinery on a construction site. This includes experience operating the equipment and the mechanical knowledge of understanding how each works. You should also know how to best maintain, inspect, and repair them.

Another very important aspect of this is knowing all about the safety protocols and OSHA regulations, and how to implement them. Here at West Coast Training, our perfect blend of hands-on, in-the-field training and classroom education will cover all these bases.

Choose the Equipment You Want to Operate

You can choose to specialize in one certain type of machinery, but you should also have a range of knowledge. After all, you will likely encounter many types of machines on a job. At West Coast Training, you’ll get hands-on experience with lots of different machines, such as dozers, graders, excavators, backhoes, utility tractors and trenchers, and more. Our classes are small, which ensures each student will get enough time with the machines. It also guarantees that our experienced, certified instructors can give each student undivided attention.

Knowing how to operate multiple machines may allow you to earn a higher salary. So consider expanding your experience. We offer both a 4-week NCCCO Crane Operator program, an 8-week NCCCO Crane Operator & Rigger option, and an 8-week NCCER-qualified Heavy Equipment Operator Training. And we are a testing facility for you to earn NCCCO or NCCER certification, which will help you pass the exams.

Know Construction Basics

In addition to operating the machinery, you should also know how to perform specific construction site tasks. This includes basic surveying, grade checking, site preparation, basic civil engineering, using applied mathematics, project layout, and more. At West Coast Training, our classroom hours will give you experience and knowledge with these tasks.

Ready to get started? Apply today for West Coast Training. Our program has national recognition, opening even more jobs for you throughout the country and even outside the US. We also have options for financial aid, plus housing and transportation if you need it. Even after you graduate, we offer help with resumes, interviewing, and the job search as a whole. You can find more information about West Coast Training on our website.