Where Can I Get Accredited Earthmoving Training?

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There is a great demand among employers for trained operators for earthmoving machines such as bulldozers, backhoes, excavators, loaders, and others. However, an operator looking for work in their field will require more than just knowledge of the equipment: employers want to know that their heavy equipment operators have received their training from an accredited organization.

There are several reasons why earning your training from an accredited organization is important. Firstly, prospective employers want to know that you have learned the equipment according to certain, widely agreed-upon standards. In this way, they can be reasonably sure of what they are getting when they hire you. Second, your employer will want to know that you have received the best training available. Accredited earthmoving training organizations have a reputation for excellence to maintain.

What Does It Mean To Be Accredited?

Accreditation for earthmoving training is administered by the National Center for Construction Education and Research, or NCCER. This accreditation can come in several forms, but it’s always done through learning organizations that are regularly audited by the NCCER.

These learning organizations can be private, or they can be public schools, such as community colleges, but in any case, the NCCER holds them to specific, stringent standards. An organization that is accredited is authorized to issue credentials to its trainees certifying that they have been thoroughly trained in the safe and effective use of earthmoving equipment.

How To Look for an Accredited School

There are many places that purport to offer training in the use of heavy equipment, but if you want specifically accredited earthmoving training, you have to either check their website or contact them via phone or email. You’ll need to specifically find out if the organization is accredited through the NCCER. While there may be other entities that claim to offer standardized heavy equipment training, it’s the NCCER that accredits organizations, and it’s their training that employers will be looking for on a resume.

Across the country, there are thousands of organizations that offer NCCER accredited earthmoving training, so it’s a simple matter to head to their website and find schools in your area. You will have to decide what training environment you wish to have: a public school, a private organization, or some other method.

Finding the Best School Possible

Of course, accreditation is only one part of the process when searching for a school. Accredited training is critical because it will ensure your training is held to a certain standard, but equally critical is field experience. The best earthmover training offers plenty of opportunities to work with the equipment that you’ll be using on the job. One example of a school that offers such training is West Coast Training. Not only do they offer NCCER-accredited training on a wide variety of equipment types, but they also allow plenty of time to actually operating the equipment that is being learned. In this way, students earn not only credentials but skills and confidence as well, leaving them in high demand among prospective employers.