Choosing a Construction School Near Portland Oregon

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For some, a desk job is high on their list of priorities. An office with a view—that’s how they’ll know they’ve made it.

For others, that thought sends chills down their spines. Stuck behind a desk all day? No way. These people want to be out in the fresh air, doing things, seeing the results of the job they’ve completed at the end of the day.

Does this sound like you?

A construction job can be a lucrative career. But if you’ve set your eyes on making a full-time living in construction, finding the right construction school near Portland, Oregon, should be your top priority.


Attending a construction school before you apply for jobs can let employers know you’re serious about your career.

But don’t sign up with just any construction school. There’s a difference. When you choose the right school, you’ll know you’re ready to work in the rapidly growing field of construction. You’ll have experience working with heavy equipment long before you operate machinery for the company you’re working for. And that can be a big bonus for companies who are focused on the bottom line.

Are you ready to get started?

Evaluate the School

We know there are a lot of choices. You can choose many different paths to get started in your new career. But if you want to start out well-prepared, select a school that cares from the moment you walk in the door through the process of getting a job.

The skills you receive from the training program are critical. Can you use your new skills in the real world? Since you won’t be using books in the field, training on equipment is critical.

Our eight-week crane operator course certifies that a student understands how to operate cranes and tower cranes, rig loads, and signal, and has practice in advanced lifting tasks. You can’t gain that from reading a book or listening to an instructor describe the process.

Of course, it’s not just about the machinery. There’s a lot more to finding the best construction school near Portland, Oregon, than that.
A lot of our students arrive from different states. And once you get here, we know you need assistance getting what you need while you’re here. That’s why we have a comprehensive student services department to help you every step of the way.

A school is more than just the classes you take. It’s about considering every aspect of the process, including the end results. Because if you can’t get a job, what’s the point?

All of our instructors are experienced professionals directly from the field. They teach you what you need to know because they’ve been there, and they know what you need to know.

And there’s more to getting a job than knowing how to operate the machinery. It takes a great resume in hand. It takes connections to the best places to work. Without that, you can be lost in the crowd.

Don’t worry; we have you covered there too. We provide assistance throughout the process, ensuring you have a resume that speaks to potential employers. We scour different resources, keeping our eye out for potential employment opportunities. And if you need a little extra training now or in the future, we’re here to help you along with whatever you need.

Evaluate the Cost

When it comes to finding the right future to meet your needs, cost is everything. We understand how important it is to you to evaluate how much you put into the process, compared with the potential for after you graduate. There’s a cost to everything, and we feel the best way to evaluate it is to look at how well a construction school helps with the entire process.

When you’re trying to fit the costs into your budget, we can provide you with a variety of options.

  • Do you qualify for veterans’ benefits? You can apply them here.
  • How about tribal benefits? You’ll find the link here.
  • Have you been laid off because of outsourcing? Check with Trade Act Funds to learn more.

There’s more to costs than tuition. Costs also include turnaround and how quickly you can be on the job.

Some construction schools stretch out the training program for months. Can you really afford to be away from your home for that much time? Or try to fund your life while taking courses one evening at a time? With our full-time programs, you get in and get out in the quickest time possible, while learning all you can in the same manner you would as if you were on the job.

And don’t forget the most important part; we help with post-graduation assistance too. We know your ultimate goal isn’t just to attend a class and get a piece of paper certifying your work. The ultimate goal is the job.

Evaluate Your Goals

So, what are your goals? Have you taken the time to sit back and consider your future?

Do you see yourself working in an industry that has lots of potential? Do you want to give yourself the skills necessary to work in a growing field?

One thing is for sure: our world is changing, thanks to technology. That means our population is moving and changing in ways we’ve never seen before.

If you’ve driven around your local community, you’ve probably noticed it too. Cranes are everywhere, putting new buildings into place. The infrastructure is being rejuvenated, with pipes, roads, and bridges in need of replacement.

People are changing up where they want to live. And that means construction. Millennials aren’t following in their parents’ footsteps. They want something new, vibrant, and all their own.

Construction will always be part of our future. And if this is the right career for you, we’re ready to have a conversation with you.