Choose In-Person Heavy Equipment Operator School Instead of Online

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Two construction workers talking in front of heavy equipment.

Online schooling has done a lot to make education more accessible, opening up opportunities to people who otherwise might not get them. That being said, not every field benefits from a remote education. While an accounting class might be perfectly well suited to online classes, attending heavy equipment operator school online just won’t be the same experience. Working with heavy equipment is a skill best learned in person, where you can get a practical, hands-on education for using the machinery. If you’re still unsure, here are just a few of the reasons why.

Get the Chance to Use the Equipment

One of the most daunting aspects of learning how to operate heavy equipment is actually getting behind the controls of a machine itself. If you attend heavy equipment operator school online, you’ll end up with an academic understanding of how to operate heavy equipment. Unfortunately, you’ll be lacking crucial practical experience. On paper, that may not seem like much of an issue. In reality, you’ll lack the confidence that comes from training in person. When you choose an in-person heavy equipment school, you’ll have the chance to get comfortable operating heavy equipment in a safe and controlled environment.

Be Surrounded by Experts Who Can Fill in the Gaps

Everyone learns a bit differently. When you attend heavy equipment operator school online, you have to settle for a one-size-fits-all approach. With an in-person school, you’ll have instructors there to help shape your education to your needs. They’ll be able to develop a relationship with you, seeing what areas you excel in and which present more of a challenge. At West Coast Training, our educators are all veterans of the heavy equipment industry. Our collected experience is a valuable resource available to our students, giving you access to people with the knowledge to answer any and all of your questions.

Immerse Yourself in a Professional Community

If you ask a person who’s worked in any industry for a long time, they’ll tell you that success isn’t just linked to your competency. Being good at your job and pleasant to work with are both important factors of course, but to have a long career, you’ll need to know the people. When you’re a part of the larger heavy equipment community, you’ll stay up to date on any news in the field or job opportunities that may be available.

When a student graduates from one of our programs, we help connect them with different people and companies in the community so that they can hit the ground running. If you attend heavy equipment operator school online, you’ll find it much harder to make the same connections. It may not seem that detrimental to your career, but the value that you get from being a part of the community can’t be understated.

The difference between attending heavy equipment operator school online versus in person is clear. With everything more you get from attending in person, there’s no question which one will set you up for life. When you’re ready to start your education, give us a call. Whether you have more questions or you’re ready to jump in head-first, West Coast Training is here to help.