Can You Get Crane Operator Certification Online?

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Can You Get Crane Operator Certification Online?

Learning to operate a crane is one of the best things you can do for your professional career. Construction workers with the ability to operate heavy machinery find that there are more doors open to them than ever before. However, most employers won’t even consider hiring someone for a job operating cranes—no matter how experienced they may be—if they don’t have the proper certification.
Certifications are offered by companies like the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO). To achieve your certification, you will need to go through an NCCCO-approved course, which involves both practical and written testing. Can you get a crane operator certification online? Read on for more information:

Getting Your Certification: What’s Involved?

The NCCCO is an organization that was founded to ensure that crane operators across the nation are trained to operate equipment safely and minimize risks in the workplace. The industry professionals who make up the organization work to make sure candidates who become certified are held to the latest in professional and ethical standards. In doing so, they help employers have confidence their certified construction equipment operators will maintain a safe working environment.
To become certified, you need to pass a series of stringent exams that the NCCCO requires. These exams require you to prove your knowledge and understanding of crane operation and demonstrate that you are capable of operating the equipment you are being certified on to the NCCCO’s standards.

Where Can You Learn the Skills You Need to Pass the Test?

There’s a lot to learn in order to pass your NCCCO certification test, which means you’ll need to sign up for a crane operator school that is authorized to train NCCCO candidates. One such school is West Coast Training. We offer both classroom and on-the-job learning.
It’s critically important that you get practical experience operating cranes and other heavy equipment before you go for your certification. Crane operator schools such as West Coast Training have experienced instructors who have actually worked on construction sites themselves. They will help you learn the ins and outs of the equipment.
There should also be a classroom portion of your crane operator school, which is equally important, as it will keep you up-to-date with laws, workplace safety practices, how to read a load limit chart, and other critical skills. It’s important to have an instructor who can walk you through the particulars here as well.

So, Can I Get My Certification Online?

Because it requires both practical and written testing, it’s not actually possible to get your crane operator certification online. You can certainly study for it online, although it’s still recommended to take a class with experienced instructors, as this will render the exam portions significantly easier. Taking an in-person class will also grant you on-the-job experience, which is an absolute must when operating heavy equipment. Contact West Coast Training to learn more about getting your crane operator certification today.