Can I Get a Heavy Equipment Operator Certification Online?

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In a culture where people all over the world are able to access online education to further their academic or professional goals, it’s not uncommon to see advertisements for specialized degrees and certifications available online. However, one may balk when they question whether they can get a heavy equipment operator certification online. That’s because much of the time, there are practical and in-person learning tasks that go along with learning heavy equipment operation.

There is a lot to learn about with regard to heavy machinery, and although some of it is conceptual, the hands-on components are also important. So, what’s the truth about it then?

You Can Learn about Heavy Equipment Operation Online

It’s true—you can learn about heavy equipment through an online platform. Individuals interested in completing online training and obtaining their heavy equipment operator certification will have access to numerous valuable resources online. For example, some training will give an overview of the basics of machine controls, safety, inspection, maintenance protocols, in addition to operating procedures.

Most of the material available online has been verified by professionals, and often the best way to find a good online operator certification program is to reach out to heavy equipment companies and schools to see if they have any online material available for prospective students.

Various Benefits to an Online Platform

Although hands-on training is still the best teacher, some individuals admit that it’s easier for them to conceptualize topics and verse themselves comprehensively on course material and subsequently participate in the hands-on material. In an online classroom, you’ll be exposed to the specifics of safety, including personal, jobsite, and machine safety. You’ll gain the confidence to be able to identify issues around the site, particularly with regard to inspection protocols and warning signals. You will also develop an understanding of machine maintenance and how to treat heavy equipment, including practical components like machine part recognition and the correct procedural methods.

The Best Curriculum

A quality in-person program, however, is about more than just learning the facts. At West Coast Training, students are always the priority. The training model focuses not only on having the best curriculum but having the best teachers to teach it. The equipment and site are also top-notch as well, with a fleet of high-performing, high-quality machines and a site that functions well in all-weather.

At West Coast Training, you can rest assured that your coursework is accredited and adheres to guidelines. The heavy equipment training is accredited by the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) and the certifications for crane operators conform to the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) and their guidelines.

Our hands-on training courses are offered in four- and eight-week modules where our fantastic educators will thoroughly introduce you to the world of heavy machine operation and get you on your way to the professional certification you want. Your professional career is just a phone call or email away, so let’s discuss your next steps.