Average Salary for 5 Heavy Equipment Operator Jobs

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When people are looking to switch careers, one of the first things they look into is how much money they can make. Seeing how much people make for heavy equipment operator jobs can be an enticing way to make you want to start out on a new career path. And to become eligible for these jobs? It’ll only take a few weeks of education and training. Not bad if you ask us!

To become a heavy equipment operator, you should attend a reputable school. West Coast Training offers programs for students that could have you starting a career in four to eight weeks. With the right training, you can be a great candidate for many heavy equipment operator positions around the world. With a little help from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, we were able to gather together the average salary for some of these popular jobs.

Truck Driver

If you like to travel, a career as a truck driver could be a great fit for you. Truck drivers drive large tractor-trailers from place to place, often traveling for long hours and across multiple states. This position requires training and a commercial driver’s license (CDL). With those two things, you could be well on your way to receiving the average salary for truck drivers, which is currently $45,260 a year.

Heavy Equipment Operator

If you’re able to use a variety of machines on a jobsite, your title will often be that of a heavy equipment operator. This position is found on many different types of construction sites. The eight-week Heavy Equipment Operator Training can have you ready to start this job in only two months and make you a likely candidate for a variety of positions. With an average salary of $48,160 a year, the training will certainly pay for itself over time.


The excavator is an essential material moving machine that you can become licensed to use through schooling at West Coast Training. There, you’ll practice using the machine and gain the knowledge to do so in a way that keeps you and the rest of the people on the site safe. People with the proper training who go on to fill this position are known to make around $35,850 annually.

Bus Driver

If you’d like to be a heavy equipment operator that can do the job locally, being a bus driver is a great option. Bus driver positions are available for school and city routes all around the country. You’ll get to interact with people daily while providing them with safe and reliable transportation. This is another job that requires a CDL, but once you have it, the possibilities are nearly endless. Bus drivers earn an average salary of $34,450 a year, and they can often work schedules that provide them with the same months off as school children.

Crane Operator

The crane operator is a coveted position that requires skill and precision. Crane operators are often in charge of very large equipment that’s used to create things like houses, business buildings, and even bridges. The Crane Operator Trainings at West Coast Training are the perfect courses to get you prepared for this kind of position. With the training and certifications needed, people with this job title are known to make an average salary of $60,530 annually.

If you want to get started out at West Coast Training, just tell us you’re interested.