5 Benefits of Attending Heavy Equipment School

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5 Benefits of Attending Heavy Equipment School

Looking for an exciting new career field? Why not consider becoming a heavy equipment operator? The pay is good, and the field is growing faster than ever, meaning now is the perfect time to jump head first into the field.

If you’re thinking about a career as a heavy equipment operator, it might be tempting to find an open position and apply to try to learn everything on the job. While this may work, most employers want experienced operators or entry-level operators who have completed formal training.

If you’re serious about your career, take charge from the beginning. Sign up for a training program that will provide you with invaluable skills to help you build for the future.

Here are 5 benefits of attending heavy equipment school.

1. Formal Training

There really is no substitute for a formal education. You will certainly learn things each day when doing any job, but the speed with which you master the job is greatly increased when you come to work with a solid foundation of the knowledge, skills, and abilities taught in an operators school.

With formal training, you’ll get the hands-on education you need to operate all kinds of equipment safely. When you attend a heavy equipment school, you’ll have the opportunity to learn the finer points of heavy equipment operation.

Before you register, be sure you understand the structure of the classroom. The best training programs are designed to help people just starting out in the field, and must have a strong emphasis on actual machine operation. Formal training at a reputable school will give you the foundation you need to build a long and successful career.

2. Increased Hireability

There are plenty of obvious day-to-day benefits that come along with having formal training from a heavy equipment school. The experience will make you a better operator, as well as give you increased confidence in your work. Heavy equipment training does more than make your job easier, though. It also makes you a better job candidate.

Employers are looking for someone who already knows enough of what they’re doing to be safe and efficient. By attending a heavy equipment school, you can get the breadth of knowledge you need to start working right away. Most programs require a high school diploma, GED, or entrance exam to enroll, and the education you’ll receive will be invaluable along the way. In addition to learning how to operate the equipment, you will learn how to read blueprints, use construction math, how to do some basic rigging, and much more.

When a potential employer is comparing someone with training to someone without, there’s really no contest. Heavy equipment operators work with massive pieces of machinery day in and day out, and there is no room for unsafe operating techniques.

When given a choice, employers will hire someone they know is less likely to damage equipment or be a danger to the worksite. Heavy equipment training can make you that candidate.

Plus the field is growing for heavy equipment operators, meaning there are plenty of opportunities. There is also plenty of competition. With proper training, you can gain a much-needed advantage.

3. Increased Pay

One of the most appealing aspects of being a heavy equipment operator is the financial security. The pay scale is good and most positions offer you full-time employment. Many operators work a great deal of overtime, and that can boost your pay quickly. There should always be a need for talented heavy equipment operators, giving you the chance to have a long career. If you attend a heavy equipment school, you can be sure you’re making the most of that career.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average yearly earnings of a heavy equipment operator is $46,080. Meanwhile, the average salary for all occupations across the board was $37,690. That’s a significant difference. And, the better training you receive, the more valuable your skills become.

Pay isn’t the only thing to consider. Heavy equipment operators can expect plenty of benefits, including healthcare, paid vacation time, and retirement plans. By taking classes and becoming a trained operator, you can improve your own benefits.

4. It’s Safer

Construction sites can be dangerous places, and it’s everyone’s responsibility to minimize the risk. Part of that falls to the employer, ensuring that the worksite complies with the government set standards and regulations.

Much of the worksite safety, though, comes down to the individual. By gaining formalized training, you’ll become an expert at handling equipment with care.

Operators with formal training are, on average, much safer than those without. The education you receive will ensure that you are operating all the equipment with minimal risk to your fellow operators. Formal training will also give you an understanding of the required state and federal government safety regulations, helping you stay within these operational standards.

OSHA requirements have changed over the years and it’s important that you know the current requirements. By attending heavy equipment school now, you can be certain that your training and standards are up to date.

5. Better Long-Term Options

If you’re serious about a career as a heavy equipment operator, having the appropriate training is crucial. You may find work without any formal education, but the specialized training you can receive at a heavy equipment school should open more doors for you in the industries.

Equipment such as earthmoving scrapers, bulldozers, and backhoes are best operated by those who have the knowledge and training to most safely and efficiently operate them.  By receiving that additional training, you can put yourself in higher demand. You’ll easily set yourself apart from the competition, improving your chance to advance your career when the opportunity arises.

Some companies even offer programs to help you receive further training, either by absorbing the cost of paying you directly. They know that by investing in your education, they’ll gain a more efficient operator.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that while the market for heavy equipment operators is growing overall, those with specialized training will see the most opportunities in the future. Attending a heavy equipment school now is an easy way to begin and nurture a long and successful career.