3 Questions to Ask When Interviewing for Crane Operator Jobs

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3 Questions to Ask When Interviewing for Crane Operator Jobs

You got the job interview. Congratulations! But keep in mind that when interviewing for a crane operator job, you’re trying to determine if this is the right move for you just as much as the person conducting the interview is trying to determine if you’re the right person for the position.

So come prepared with questions. Ask the questions that will help you decide whether this job and company are the right fit for you. West Coast Training is an expert in the field, so here are a few questions we recommend asking to help you get started.

1. What Are the Expectations?

You’ll want to make sure you’re fully equipped to handle the position and that you know what’s expected of you from day one. So make sure you fully understand what the job expectations are.

Ask what knowledge you’re supposed to have for the position so you can make sure your training aligns with the job expectations and that you’re fully prepared to assume the role. If on-the-job training is available, ask how long it will last and what will be covered.

It’s best not to misrepresent your training and experience to an employer. If there’s something the position requires that you’re not skilled at, be up-front and honest by letting your interviewer know that.

2. What Safety Measures Are in Place?

Safety should always be the priority at your workplace. Ask what safety measures the company has in place and what it does to enforce them. You can even do your own research by checking with OSHA to see if the company has ever been cited for safety violations and, if so, how often.

If someone violates the company’s safety standards, what actions will the employer take? It’s reassuring to know that your employer is committed to putting safety first. Asking these questions will give you a good sense of whether that’s the case.

3. Is There Room for Growth?

Asking what growth opportunities are available within the company benefits you in more ways than one. First, it gives you a sense of whether you’ll be able to advance within the company and how long it will take to get there.

Second, this question shows that you’re committed to staying with the company and growing with the team. A prospective employer wants to know that the time and energy they invest in you as an employee isn’t going to go to waste.

Employees often look to work for a financially stable company that will provide job security. Likewise, employers want to know that once they invest in you by developing your skill set, you’ll use those skills to advance within the company instead of taking those skills elsewhere. Asking about growth opportunities within the company shows you’re committed to staying with the employer for the long term.

If you need more help navigating the right questions to ask when interviewing for crane operator jobs, give us a call or fill out our online information request form. We will prepare you with the right training and tools you need to get started on this new career path.