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Cecil Wilson - West Coast Training Student
“When I started classes at WCT it blew my expectations out of the water. The classes, instructors and equipment were way beyond what I thought it would be like. It was a big step coming to WCT but I’m thrilled I made the decision to take the program.”

Cecil Wilson


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Professional CDL Training Truck


For those seeking a new career path and wanting to learn the intricacies of the trucking profession, consider CDL training from West Coast Training in Woodland, WA. A Class A Commercial Driver’s License is the choice for those seeking a higher level of training. We have a commitment to small classroom size and on-site real-world training. We are leaders in our field with over 50 years of experience. Here’s what it will take to get your Class A CDL license.


Receiving your commercial drivers Class A license will require four weeks with 160 hours of training. Training hours include 40 hours of classroom instruction and 120 hours of field hours where you train in the truck with instructors.

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This course includes Pre-Trip Inspection training where you inspect all primary portions of your truck. This includes checking the engine and radiator for leaks, the trailer for the proper hookup, and the tires for correct tire inflation. If loaded, you will inspect to ensure that it is accurately secured. This Pre-Trip Inspection is followed at the beginning of every new day and the beginning of every new loading.

In the Vehicle Control portion you will learn to steer a large vehicle around corners and into and out of loading docks. Included in this portion are hooking and the unhooking of trailers, loading and unloading, and securing heavy equipment.

Other skills taught include braking, shifting, and backing.


Once you successfully obtain your Class A CDL license you can operate any large combination vehicle (truck and trailer) with a gross vehicle weight greater than 26,000 pounds, provided that the trailer has a gross vehicle weight rating of over 10,000 pounds. What this means is you have been licensed by the Department Of Transportation (the DOT) to operate an articulated vehicle that with the combined weight of the truck, trailer, and load can weigh 80,000 pounds without special permits.

If you are looking to enter the trucking industry but lack the right certification and training, West Coast Training has the resources and instructors to help you start on the right path. Our comprehensive approach will have you prepared for whatever types of jobs are required of you. To learn more about our training, contact us today.