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Crane Training Seminars & HEO Refresher Courses

As a part of our commitment to arming our graduates with the highest level of employable skills, West Coast Training offers a number of seminars and refresher courses. Working professionals can benefit from the short-term continuing training options that we have available.

Available Seminars

- 30 Hour NCCCO Rigger Level 1/ Signalperson, and 30 Hour NCCCO Tower Crane Operator Certification Seminars are now available! .... Contact Student Services for details at 1-(800)755-5477!

- NCCCO Written Exam Preparation - This 30 Hour seminar is conducted in 3 ten-hour days. It is designed to prepare experienced mobile crane operators for the NCCCO written exam, which includes core, fixed-cab hydraulic, swing-cab hydraulic, lattice boom crawler, and lattice boom truck mounted cranes. Instruction includes OSHA sub-part CC regulations, ANSI B30.5, safety, and load charts. 

Refresher Courses

- Equipment Operation Refresher - Qualified graduates of our 8 Week Heavy Equipment Operator Course can take the Equipment Operation Refresher free of charge. Students get two hours of time with any of the machinery they specialized in during their earlier coursework. Additional hours may be purchased at $60 an hour.

If you're ready to sign up for a seminar or refresher course to expand your skill set, get in contact with us today!

“A friend of mine graduated from WCT and he's making a good living as a Crane Operator. He's the one who recommended the school to me. I also spoke to a guy in my home town who does Crane Certification Testing. It turns out he also had graduated from WCT and highly encouraged me to come here. I'm really glad I followed their advice.”

Reginald Mead